A (Very Last Minute) Samhain Witchathon TBR

Hi friends! As you might have guessed from the title, I will be participating in another readathon!! I have participated in the two previous rounds of Witchathon and I have loved every second of it, so I'm back again for my third round! If you don't know, Witchathon is hosted by Rhiannon over on Crescent... Continue Reading →

July-September Wrap-Up

It's been a hot second since I've done a wrap-up. As in, the last time I posted one was in the beginning of July,,, I've read many things since then and also quite a bit has happened in my life, so let's just jump straight into it. I honestly don't remember much of what happened... Continue Reading →

Bi Book Recs for #BiVisibilityDay

Hi friends! I hope you're all having a wonderful bi visibility day! Today, I bring you eleven (11) recommendations of books with bi protagonists. For this bi visibility day, I wanted to make a post of recommendations featuring books with bi characters that I felt represented by and that, coincidentally, I fell in love with.... Continue Reading →

Queen of Air and Darkness Review (ft. disappointment [yikes])

Title: Queen of Air and Darkness Author: Cassandra Clare Pages: 880 Series: The Dark Artifices, #3 Genre: urban fantasy Rating: 4 stars Rep: multiple Mexican characters, character on the autism spectrum, fat character, trans woman, side m/m couple, m/m/f polyamorous relationship TW: hate speech, threatening to out someone, mention of sexual assault, self-harm, death, loss of a loved one, murder, torture, captivity, blood... Continue Reading →

My Reading Rush TBR!!

Hi friends! If you've been around book twitter for longer than a week, you have probably heard of The Reading Rush, which was formally known as The Booktubeathon, but if you haven't, let me tell you about it! The Reading Rush is a week-long readathon that is hosted by Ariel Bissett and Raeleen Lemay that... Continue Reading →

June 2019 Wrap-Up

I know it's been a hot second since June ended and to be honest, I completely forgot about my wrap-up until other people started uploading and posting theirs. But I'm here now and I'm prepared to talk about the month of June and how it went for me. So, June was pride month, but that... Continue Reading →

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