I’m Thinking About How Sometimes Stories Affect Us More Than We Realize

TW for mention of suicidal thoughts in this post Hi friends! I'm not exactly sure what this post is, but I've been having a lot of thoughts recently, so please bear with me while I try to figure this out. I met Anna-Marie McLemore, one of my favorite authors, yesterday and I got to tell... Continue Reading →

2020 YA/MG Releases with Trans-Spec MCs

Hi friends! I know I've already done a post featuring all of my anticipated releases for the first quarter of the year, but I wanted to do a post just highlighting the books I'm anticipating with trans and nonbinary characters that are coming out this year because we're constantly getting more and more of those... Continue Reading →

Favorite Books of 2019

Welcome!! It is time, at last, for the last post of this year and this decade because both end in less than twenty-four hours for me, which is a really fun bit of information that I'm totally not freaking out about hahaha nope that just wouldn't be me!! Anyways, to distract myself from spiraling further... Continue Reading →

Setting Some Goals for 2020

It is time to set some goals that I will inevitably fail in the new year, thereby disappointing myself and everyone who knows me, but I promise y'all I will try really hard to accomplish these!! Without further ado (*insert drumroll here*), my 2020 resolutions! Bookish Resolutions The Goodreads Challenge: read 75 books. This is... Continue Reading →

Looking Back On My 2019 Resolutions

Hi friends! It is once again the time of the year where you look on to the future and pretend you're not terrified that another year seems to have passed without you accomplishing literally anything. (I'm definitely talking about myself here, I'm sure y'all have accomplished lots of things!!) But before I look forward to the... Continue Reading →

Anticipated Releases Jan-Mar 2020

It's that time of the year again, where people are starting to post their most anticipated releases for the next year (which is 2020, a fact I'm still slightly terrified by,,,) as we all acknowledge that time is a construct, but also that it's passing very quickly and it should probably slow down. But these... Continue Reading →

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